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May 23, 2008

Super Savings Saturday: This Week's Shopping Trip

Here were our grocery/household product purchases this week (pictures forthcoming--I have to figure out how to download them off our new camera and upload them to this new blog platform!):

Hen House Purchases (Most all of these deals are explained in this post.)
Diet Pepsi Max
Lipton Raspberry Tea bags
Cattlemen's BBQ sauce
2 bottles Sierra Mist
2 bottles French's yellow mustard
Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce
3 Rice-A-Roni Natural rice mixes
McCormick Grill Mates
Orville Redebacher Popcorn
Bag of Reese Peanut butter cups baking pieces (reduced to $0.50.)
Bag of York Peppermint patties baking chips (reduced to $0.50)
2 Hillshire Farms sliced turkey (reduced to $1 each)
8 ears of fresh corn on the cob
Frozen stir fry veggies
2 packages Dannon All Natural yogurts
3 dozen Eggland's Best eggs
2 blocks cheddar cheese
Total after coupons: $19.45 (Total savings of $32 with sales and coupons)

Aldi Purchases
Bread - $1.19
1 Grapefruit - $0.39
1 bag bananas - $0.90
Carrots - $0.99
Two bags of going-bad bananas - I asked for a discount and they gave them to me for $0.25/bag!
Total: $4.27

Hy-Vee Purchases
Frozen strawberries - $1.77
CleanTeam wipes - $0.97, used $1/1 coupon, free
Split peas - $0.65
Chai Silk Soymilk - $2.59, Used $2.25/1 coupon, $0.34 after coupon
Deli turkey - on sale $1.99, Used $1/1 coupon, $0.99
2 pounds Braeburn apples - $0.99/lb
All natural chicken breasts - $3.59
Total: $10.29 (Total coupon savings: $4.25)

CVS Purchases
3 Crest Toothpastes - $1.99, Get $1 ECB
1 Oral B Toothbrush - $1.99, Get 1 ECB
1 Almay eye product - $6.99, Get $5 ECB
1 Tums Quick Pak - $4.69, Get $4.69 ECB

Used $3/$15 CVS coupon
Used 1 $1/2 Crest coupons and 1 $0.50/1 Crest coupon
Used $1/1 Oral-B coupon
Used $1/1 Almay coupon
Used $1/1 Tums coupon
Used $14.98 in ECBs

Total: $0.47 out of pocket
Got back $4, $4.69, and $5 ECBs!

How'd you do this week? Post about the deals and bargains you were able to snag this week on your blog (with pictures, if possible!) and then come back here and leave your link below.

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I rocked Walgreens and CVS today, check out my blog to see my deals!

Glad you're back!!! :-)

Crystal, I am so GLAD to see you back up and running!! I know from experience that Blogger is just horrible about getting a LIVE person!

Typepad looks great and I'm glad to see that the posts are catergorized, definately a big help:)



I'm nervous that you decided to move from Blogger to Typepad, since I just did the opposite move. Here's hoping I don't run into the same problem!

Am so glad that you are up and running! You new home looks great! :)

Good luck with the new platform. What a shame to have to do all the work to move. Keep us posted on if blogger ever responds to your problem.


Hey if you live in Texas, Heb has brisket for .67/ pound. Great deal! They also have 5 pounds of potatoes for .97, 10 oranges for $1. lots of other stuff too. Happy Memorial Day weekend!! So glad we found your new website!

Like your new look! Sorry to hear about all that hassle with blogger.

I posted the wrong link at #46...the correct link is at #52! I hate it when I do that! LOL

You did great with your shopping trips! :)

Glad to see you have found a new home. Hope all is normal soon!

Thank goodness you're back!

So thankful that you are back. I hope that your girls are better. Mine has had double ear infections, so I can sympathize!

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