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August 29, 2009

Safeway (and affiliates): $0.30 Kashi cereal!


Safeway and all affiliate stores (Randall's, Tom Thumb, Von's) are running a Buy 5, Save $5 Instantly deal on cereal right now. There are a number of different cereals included in this deal so be sure to check your ad.

Here is one way to work the deal to get Kashi cereal for very inexpensively:

*Deal Idea*

Buy 1 Kashi Honey Sunshine or Kashi GoLean crunch cereal at $3
Buy 4 Kashi Whole Grain Puffs at $2 each

Use 1 $1.50/1 Honey Sunshine or GoLean Crunch coupon here, here, here, or here
Use 2 $1.50/2 Kashi cereal coupons here (You can also print two $1.50/1 coupons here when you sign up, if you haven't already.)
Get $5 off instantly
Spend $1.50 plus tax for 5 boxes of Kashi cereal, making them about $0.30 each after the coupons and instant discount!

See many more deals here and here.

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I cannot find the $1.50/2 Kashi cereal coupons! I've tried it twice, and even used a different zip code. Any suggestions?

deal worked in alaska! but, add 1.00 to the we got kashi cereal for 1.30 a box! not bad for up here!

If you signed up on Kashi newsletter on thier Website the have a program for the honey sunshine cereal. They will send you a coupons via snail mail for a free box, sample, and 5 additional coupons for $1.50 off one box to use and or share with a friend. I got mine within one week of signing up!

my store had the whole grain puffs for 3 dollars, not two! I did get 5 boxes of the honey sunshine, and the Cashier was shocked. She wanted to know where I got the coupons! If you havent tried the honey sunshine,my kids love it!

I just bought 15 boxes! I had some coupons saved, plus 5 from vocal point (including one free box). I only got the $2 boxes, but it still makes them $.50 which is awesome. I'm giving 5 boxes to my sister who recently lost her job. She is thrilled because she hasn't had cereal in few months! We LOVE Kashi around here and I stock up when it's on sale. This deal was beyond good! Thank you so much for sharing.

Oooh. I got the Vocalpoint coupons and was wondering what deal would come up because I really liked the sample they sent me. Thanks for giving me the heads up :)

I actually got those at Harris Teeter on their Super Double for .39!! With the coupons from the was GREAT!! And that is some yummy cereal! My kids LOVE it!

My computer keeps saying Install Coupon Printer. I install it and it says it again. I can't ever get the coupons to print. Help me.

Another possible deal:

1 box of Honey Sunshine cereal ($3)
4 boxes of shredded mini wheats ($10)

- Q's: 2 Redplum IP's for $1.50/2 boxes of Kelloggs frosted mini wheats, 1 $1.50/2 Q for Honey Sunshine Cereal

Total before Q's: $13
After Q's and $5 instant discount: $3.50, or $.70/box for some great cereal!

re: 7 grain puffs for $3 - call the store's customer svc desk. the 7 grain w/o honey is $2, but i guess honey costs an extra $1! :) i called & the customer svc rep explained it to me & agreed it was confusing. he told me to stop by customer svc next time i'm there, and they will credit the $1 per box.

i've always had great experiences with their customer service desk, in several different stores - when things ring up for the wrong price, they refund the entire item!

I ended up paying $1.16 per box of cereal. I bought 15 boxes so I should be ready for the fall weather.

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