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January 21, 2010

$1/1 Baked Lays, $0.75/1 NoYolk pasta, $0.75/1 Silk Soy Milk and more printable coupons


There's a new high-value coupon available for $1/1 Baked Lays here. (Thanks, KC Penny Pinchin' Mama!)

More printable coupons:

$1/1 Scott toilet paper

$0.75/1 NoYolk noodles

$4/1 Triple Action Sudafed

$0.75/1 Silk Soy Milk

Eggland's Best coupons

$1/5 Weight Watcher's yogurts

$0.50/1 Hood Cottage Cheese

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Combine the $1.00 manufacturer coupon for Baked Lays with the Video Rewards coupon from Rite Aid (after viewing) and this could be a good savings! Thanks for this.


Chips! Those are always good coupons. My boys will be thrilled to get chips to go in school lunches next week. Thanks so much for posting another great deal.

No Yolks are $1.49 at Acme stores, which double coupons up to $0.99; with the $0.75/1 coupon that makes for some free pasta!

Are Baked Lays included in the Pepsi Deal at walgreens? The ad says "Lays Chips 10.5 to 12 oz."

I loved baked lays, only the baked ones! Yummy and thanks! The are TPC at target!!

I am wondering the same thing - is baked lay's included in the buy 20 get 10 RR????

I couldn't find the baked lays at my walgreens... or Rite Aid. the baked lays are my favorite, back when there was only one flavor they were the same price as regular lays. I don't know about everyone else, but at my store the "baked" chips are now all in a different area and are much more expensive (over a dollar more than tohers). darn! :)

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