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January 21, 2010

$5/1 EPT Pregnancy Tests = Free at Walmart

The $5 off any e.p.t. Pregnancy Test printable (IE) or printable (FF) is available again. You should be able to score free pregnancy tests at Walmart with this coupon.

Thanks, Deal Seeking Mom!

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What if you are not in the market for a baby? Just kidding. I really like how you keep us up to date with all that is going on out there in the deal world. I will continue to look to you to help me find the deals I need. Thanks a ton.

If you are looking for PG tests, and have a Dollar Tree store near you, they sell PG tests for $1. I've used them for my last 2 pregnancies and they are very accurate!!

I just bought them & they were $8 (before Q) for a 2 pack at our Walmart. Not too shabby. :)

It's not reset for me and I actually need these :(

By the way...Did anyone ever get their ten free pregnancy/ovulation tests that were offered quite some time ago?

No, I did not receive the 10 free ones, drats....

I didn't get the 10 free ones either, but I do remember signing up. I wonder if that deal was dead.

I haven't even been able to use my qs from last time, as our Wal-Mart has been out! Hopefully, I'll need to use them soon and just them at Wags or CVS ;-)

I didn't get the 10 free tests either and my Walmart only has multi-packs for sale. I will try Dollar Tree and see if they have the $1 tests. Thank you, Jen, for suggesting that!

I never got the free 10 tests and I was wondering that too, whether or not anyone else received theirs.

I used the dollar tree tests and some that I got at Walgreens nearly free with coupons. I got the same results on both- I'm due in July with our second child :)

Instead of going and hitting the refresh or back button just come back to this page and click the link again. that is the only way my computer will allow me to print 2 of them.
Dollar store tests do work great but when you have been trying for 3 years and have had 4 misscarriages in that time frame even a positive test doesnt make you smile like one that says "PREGNANT", lol.
Thx for this one, i am a POAS addict so this is great for me!

oh and BTW, i never got the 10 free tests either. i know it said it was gonna take forever so maybe they really meant f-o-r-e-v-e-r. I had my mom order them too and she hasnt gotten them either :-(

It's not reset for me either :( We're trying for our first baby, so when I find these coupons I stock up. *lol*

I was wondering the same thing Kristine - I signed up for them and still haven't gotten them.

With the way I have been feeling this week, hopefully these will come in handy!!

This is a great deal, but I have a question. Does anyone know how long pregnancy tests are "good"? I'm pregnant right now, but this won't be our last baby, and we'd like our next child to be close in age to this one, so if I can avoid spending money on a pregnancy test later I might as well. I just don't want to waste my time if it'll be expired by then.

My WalMart has been out since this coupon showed up! By in answer to the last question, they usually goof for 1-2 years. The box has an expiration date written on them.

The coupon didn't reset for me. =( Kristine, good memory about the 10 tests. I didn't get mine in the mail yet either. I guess I'm not having much luck right now. LOL! Hang in there Chels! I know how emotionally painful miscarriages are and you're a trooper for keeping on trying. Keep your chin up! You DESERVE a child!

Chels- We've been trying for five years and I've had three miscarriages. That's why I thought the free ovulation tests would come in handy. (I asked for five of each.) Oh well... I won't hold my breath. I wish you the best.
(c :

I also suggest the Dollar Tree tests- with my second kid, they were the EXACT same ones my OB's office had me use in the office. I used it (I think) before I even missed my period and it was accurate.

Can someone with a mac tell me how to install the coupon printer I can never get these coupons because I don't know how to install it. I really need these tests.

Anyone who has a Big Lots nearby. I got an ovulation kit with around 20 tests in it for $8. Beats those $20 kits with only 7 tests by a mile! :)

I never got the 10 free either... and my Walmart sells a single etp test for $9.95!!!! Yuck!

My dollar tree also carries the ovulation tests. But as I am 37 weeks with our last baby I don't need these anymore!!

I was able to print it twice!

yes,i have receive 10 fees oneitlook like a golden colour and it is unique in all 1,2,5,10Business Opportunity Online

Thanks for the coupon! These will definately come in handy. As for the 10 free tests, I remember we could chose ovulation or pregnancy tests. I ended up choosing the ovulation tests and recieved them about 2 months ago. Wonder if they ran out of the pregnancy tests which is why no one appears to have received them.

We just recently got a mac and I had to download the coupon printer to get this coupon. I'm not sure if this will help, but this is what I ended up having to do. In moneysavingmom's post about this deal click where it says "printable (EE)". For me this brought up a screen saying I needed to download the coupon printer. I clicked where it said to download. It downloaded, then a smaller screen popped up on my computer with an icon for the printer and an option to delete the coupon printer. I clicked on the coupon printer icon. It will open, follow the steps to complete the download. Once that is done, I clicked back on the internet page and double clicked on the "2". I don't remember what it was for but part of the 3 steps to download the coupon printer. After that finished, then I clicked on "print coupon" and it worked. I hope that helps, I know it sounds confusing and didn't seem easy to do but that is what worked for me.

I second (third?) the recommendations to get pregnancy tests from the dollar store.

I've been pregnant seven times and those tests have been accurate every time... including times I was hoping I was pregnant but wasn't... (Also an accurate indicator... my ability to smell any form of cat food from about 1000 yards.... ew.)

I also recommend the Dollar Tree tests. Totally accurate for me with my last pregnancy. And for $1 each, I started testing a week before my missed period!

I've never seen single EPT tests sold at Walmart, just the 2 packs. Anyone else?

Kristine - wanted to give u a tip. I have been buying from eBay for years for pregnancy and ovulation tests. U get 50 in a pack and u can mix and match. Depending on my cycle I will usually get 30 preg and 20 ovulation. Anyway the tests are more sensitive than the doc ones - they will pick up with as lil as 10 iu of hcg in ur body. They are $15.00 for 50 tests and work every month. Go to eBay do a search for 50 ovulation tests n it will come up. I think it's coming from UK. Good luck on ur journey as well !

I was so excited to get a free preg test last night at Walmart. But they are selling them for almost 10 dollars as well! Such a bummer! So my husband and I just went to the Dollar Tree and picked up a couple! What a better deal.

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