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January 20, 2010

Free sample issue of The Home Educating Family magazine


I posted this freebie a few months ago, but my sample just came in the mail and I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of this magazine and wanted to mention it again. If you didn't have a chance to sign up yet, go here to request a free issue of The Home Educating Family magazine.

Thanks, Coupon Saving Game!

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Thanks for posting this a few months ago--I, too, recently received my issue and have been enjoying reading through it!

I agree...there were several excellent articles in this magazine!

Are there testing requirements for the parents of home schooled children? I am seeing first hand how badly homeschooling can go when the parents are not qualified to educate their children. My nieces and nephew have deteriorated educationally and I don't know what to do. My nephew is 8 and still can't read. We think the parents must be taking the tests but aren't sure. I don't know how the process works but I'm concerned. Any info/help would be appreciated.

Tracy, it depends on the state. In Missouri (where I live) there are no requirements for testing for homeschoolers, and as far as I can tell no requirements for submitting proof of education (although you are supposed to log hours spent educating they are not turned in to anyone). We do not homeschool yet but these are our state requirements as best as I can determine. Other states do require regular testing and reporting on hours spent on various subjects.

I got my sample in the mail this week, too... and was shocked by the high quality of the magazine. No offense, but a lot of homeschooling magazines seem more like homeschooling manifestos on every page... this mag offers great devotional articles and teaching tools.

I just signed up for the free issue. There's also a free digital issue of a homeschool magazine here:

I put The Homeschool Magazine on my wish list :)

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