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January 21, 2010

Free Spanish General Mills magazine (includes lots of coupons!)


Sign up for the free Spanish General Mills magazine here. This magazine contains lots of coupons for General Mills products.

Thanks, KC Penny Pinchin' Mama!

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This may be a dumb question, but are the coupons in Spanish as well?

Need translation!

Nombre: First Name
Direccion en los EU: Address
Apellido: Last Name
Ciudad: City
Edad: Age range
Estado: State
Estado Civil: Married status
Pais de origen: Country of origin
On the second page, there are some questions asking the # of people in your household, if you have kids under 18, etc. Just guest or you can Google translate the phrases.

Coupons for me and a free homeschool resource for my children who are studying spanish. I call that a win-win!

Is there an English version of this magazine?

Whew...That was some brushing up on my Spanish, which I have seriously forgotten :)

Thank you! Not to be off topic here but, is anyone else remotely bothered by the fact that coupons like this are only available in Spanish magazines? Why the preference?

THank You!!! Only a small percentage of the number of total coupons come in spanish!!

If you're like me, and speak no Spanish whatsoever, you can copy and paste the text for translation on freetranslation dot com.

I just sent a rather long e-mail to the company asking why the bias. I await their response. I actually thought about not sending my info in for the coupons, but decided against it. I can just as well clip the coupons and then throw the rest away not paying any attention to the content. Seems that they would want the content and coupons to go hand in hand.

Wow, I am surprised Crystal let Michelle's comment through seeing as how this is an upbeat and encouraging blog. Michelle, if you delve a little further into General Mills website, they are behind many familiar products that are carried all around the world. They have an international presence. I think they have every right as a company to market however they see fit for their profits, growth and success. Even if that means to Spanish speakers here in the U.S. General Mills is not owned by the U.S. government. It is really surprising to me that someone would consider this biased and be as offended as you seem to be. They are just coupons after all!
I'm a very loyal Money Saving Mom reader and I love this blog and the community behind it. I truly hope no one is offended in my response to a comment I was surprised to see.

This is great for those of us who do speak Spanish. Thanks!

Wow, I didn't see it as being a bias either. Actually this publication actually balances out the long standing bias. Doesn't general mills put out special coupon inserts every month or so in the newspaper? In english?

Im not even sure what I put for a marital status.LOL>Thanks alot!!

Gracias! Yo amo Money Saving Mom!!

This is great for those of us who do speak Spanish. Thanks! handicappers

On the second page where it asks how you would prefer they correspond with you, do you think it makes a difference if you say email or mail? Will they send the magazine either way?

I've found that the products with Spanish labels are often cheaper than the English labels. One example is boillion granules in the Hispanic foods section at Wal Mart. I don't care what language the label is in and it is about half the price. Our next door neighbors are S American and I love to hear them speaking Spanish amoung themselves out in the yard and I love their music that they sometimes play if they are sitting out on their deck in the summer.

If you have Google Toolbar installed, it will automatically ask if you want the page translated. :-)

I filled the form out, clicked on next but doesn't go to next page. Am I doing something wrong? Everything is filled out (used google language-it translated questions to english)

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