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January 21, 2010

Safeway (and affiliates): Free Annie's All-Natural Mac and Cheese

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Does your Safeway double coupons? If so, you should be able to get Annie's Mac and Cheese for free this week. It's on sale for $0.99 and you can use the $0.50/1 Annie's coupon here (doubled) to get it for free.

See more deals at Safeway this week here.

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If you've printed this before, it'll print a paper telling you that you've exceeded your limit (doesn't warn you before printing).

Got 2! Thanks :)

My Randalls wouldn't let me use this and as I walked up to the register he specifically asked if I had coupons. Something about their policy not letting people get free items. He even threw away my coupons before I could ask for them! It was not a good experince!

Angela-I think you should report him to the store manager and/or corporate. Even if the policy stated a certain policy, those coupons are yours, and taking them is not right. I had a lady at Safeways be really rude to me about coupons. Turned out I was right. The manager was apologetic (I told him that I would report to corporate if things did not improve) and even offered me a gift card. I didn't take it because I said that all I wanted was her to improve her attitude. They should accept coupons up to 50% of the value. It's approximately 50% of the value, right? My husband also had a bad experience with the cheerios coupons. He went back with the coupon policy and showed it to the cashier. Then she apologized. I still prefer shopping at Safeway as most cashiers are more polite than other places in my area.

Thanks much for the coupon!

i like to try new cheese

The coupon states "do not double" in the last sentence of the fine print.

Many coupons say do not double but they double anyway with the coding. Even if they don't double, or are overriden by the cashier not to double them, I still think this is a fabulous deal!

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