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January 18, 2010

Sears: Baby and Toddler clothing for $1.19 each!

Sears currently has a lot of different baby and toddler clothing priced at $1.19 each! Plus, you can shop through ShopAtHome and get 3% cashback!

I'm guessing they will be out of stock really quickly, so if you need baby or toddler clothing or know someone who does, hurry and check out the great deals here.

Thanks, Frugalista Cafe!

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Any idea how much shipping is??

You could order the stuff and have it shipped to the store for free if you would be able to go pick it up.

Thank you for posting this!

Looks like shipping is $7 :(. I don't think I can stand the idea of paying $7 shipping on $5 worth of stuff...even though the prices are good, we're not that hard up for clothes. One additional note -- when I clicked through shop at home, it said it was paying 5% cash back and there was a 5% off baby/toddler clothes click-through coupon which was stacking with all the other discounts. So the $1.19 stuff dropped to $1.13, etc.

I bought 14 items...subtotal was $35. My shipping was $9.65. The shipping was a bit higher than I normally would pay, but the low prices made up for it. Including shipping and tax it comes out to an average of $3.50 an item - still a steal price, considering I bought a few heavy jackets and even at consignment/thrift/second-hand stores they are around $5 a piece, but here I am getting them new.

Does anyone know if these are also on clearance in stores, either KMart or Sears?

Shipping for me said 6.95. Not worth it to me unless you're ordering a ton or go in with someone to split it.
Too bad though there were some good prices.

I went to Sears yesterday and they have an additional 40% off clearance clothes prices throught today 1/19. I got 2 shirts for my son for $1.70! It looked like about 50% of the store was clearance.

I went to Sears from the Shop at Home site, but I can't find that clearance page from the Sears home page. Any help? I clicked on "Deals" and then "Clearance", but the "Featured Clearance" tabs don't show "baby and toddler" and the list on the left doesn't show it either.

I just filled my cart with 11 items for my 4 kids, only to find that when I went to check out, 5 of the items were no longer in stock. The shipping was then too high for me to justify getting the other items. Guess I wasn't fast enough!

I went to "Baby and Toddler" and just did a sort on prices from low to high.

Each time I try to get on the site, it locks up my computer. No doubt the site is getting slammed.

I did the "pick up in store" since I have play date plans at the mall on Wednesday. I didn't have time to root through all the options, but just picked up a three-pack of panties for my almost-three-year-old for $1.31 with tax!

On a Target run yesterday I spied toddler/baby clothes on super clearance. I got my little one comfy cotton pants for $1.80 a pair, and a dress for my sister's wedding for $4.80. She's growing quickly, so I hope it will fit. The pants alone were worth it I think. It always seems the 12m and 18m are hard to find!

What a steal!! I found a bunch of things for my toddler in 3T/4T for spring and next winter! The shipping was a bit higher than I anticipated but with everything I bought, it ended up being $3 an item (incl. shipping). Bought several sets/outfits and single items so it made it worth it! Wish I had known that it was free to the store...

BTW, same thing happened where I went to check out and items were already sold out. Even still, it's a great deal! Thanks for sharing bcs I wouldn't have known about it otherwise!

It sucked to have over $50.00 worth of items in the cart and then have to delete more than half since it wasn't in it's not worth the 6 items for the 6.95 shipping...

All 12 of the items I picked were out of stock. Guess I'm too late.

The site is running really slow- it took me 4 hours of stealing moments when I could (have two little ones) to finally get the items I want in my cart, then most of them were out of stock when I went to pay! Like most, it did not seem worth it to pay $7 to ship the 3 items I had left in my cart- too bad!

Bing offers 8% cashback on Sears purchases....sweetens the deal a little more :)

I put in an order. It took a while since every time I went to check out stuff was out of stock.

Finally got my order in and now the emails are rolling in 'canceled blah from your order sorry for the inconvenience'

If too many more get canceled I guess I'll just try and get the whole thing canceled....not worth the shipping then.

I ran into the same issue as everyone wasnt available on checkout. There website was terrible also.

My SIL was just at Sears and said they had some really great deals there too!

Thanks for posting!

Bought my 2 year old some "big girl panties" online last night. 4 packs for $5.00! I am about to go get them at the store...hope I don't run into anymore of these great deals. I might not be able to refrain from spending :(

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